Wednesday, December 23, 2009


FlashGet - a very convenient downloader. Able to work on time, shook parts of files (and shows a graphical map download and headers), add comments, sort the files by categories, etc.

FlashGet intercepts clicks in a browser, monitors buffer, supports drag-n-drop, can export a log of their work in HTML. Knows how to look the mirror and calculate the fastest of them. Supports downloading from HTTPS sites and skins.FlashGet formerly known JetCar.

Speed: FlashGet can automatically split files into parts and download each part simultaneously, with each part of the file opens a separate connection. The result - more efficient operation of the channel and a significant acceleration of the file download.

Management: FlashGet can create an unlimited number of categories for files, where to facilitate access to jobs can be located on the boot. Powerful and easy-to-use management features in FlashGet help you easily control the load.

Knows how to integrate into Internet Explorer and Netscape, for Opera users on the site have the appropriate plug-in.

Features FlashGet:
- Speed. Podil file into several (ten) parts, which are loaded simultaneously. Download up to 8 files simultaneously. Possibility of regulation loading speed.
- Support for skins.
- Search the mirrors. FlashGet automatically searches for available servers with higher upload speeds.
- Automation. The program will, according to the settings, connect to the Internet, start the download, close and turn off the computer. You can set the hour, day (or days) a week.
- Multi-language interface. FlashGet determines the language you are using. Over 60 supported languages (including Russian).
- And more ...

* Video preview over HTTP / FTP / FlashGetx / BT, this is new feature.
* Improve http download on some situation
* Correct some syntax of language pack.
* Fix some crash bug.

1 - Internet Explorer Included
2 - Flash Player 10 Included
3 - Didn't Work in Win7
4 - Enjoy!



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